- - Monday, May 28, 2012

SAN DIEGO — Sen. John McCain, appearing with presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney at a Memorial Day ceremony on Monday, had a one-word retort to a heckler who was hustled out of the event by security after interrupting the Arizona Republican’s speech: “Jerk.”

A supportive crowd of about 5,000 roared its approval, according to a Los Angeles Times report.

Mr. McCain, who wrested the GOP nomination from Mr. Romney in 2008 in a bitterly contested race, had nothing but praise Monday for his one-time rival.

“I am honored to be on the same stage with a great friend, a great man, a great governor, and a man who I believe is fully qualified to be commander-in-chief, Gov. Mitt Romney,” Mr. McCain said.


Romney sticks with Trump on eve of fundraiser

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney isn’t taking a position on supporter Donald Trump’s return to the controversy over where President Obama was born.

Mr. Romney said Monday evening that while he doesn’t agree with all the people who support him, he appreciates their help to get him at least 50.1 percent of the vote in November. The comments come about 24 hours before a Las Vegas fundraiser hosted by Mr. Trump.

Some Republican pundits have urged the presumptive GOP nominee to cut ties to the colorful billionaire real estate developer and reality-TV star. 


Blind Chinese activist plans to speak in Manhattan

NEW YORK — A blind Chinese activist who was the focus of a nearly monthlong diplomatic standoff has a speaking engagement in New York City this week.

Chen Guangcheng will speak Thursday at the Council on Foreign Relations in Manhattan. His mentor, New York University law professor Jerome Cohen, also will participate in the event.

The dissident and the professor have been in touch for years, since they met when Mr. Chen came to the United States for a State Department program in 2003.

Mr. Cohen advised Mr. Chen while he was in the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, where he was given sanctuary after his daring escape following seven years of prison and house arrest.

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