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OWN’s recent steps - such as layoffs and the cancellation of several shows, including one featuring Rosie O’Donnell - will improve the network’s financial performance, Mr. Zaslav said.

Discovery reported lower earnings for its first quarter as it said it began recording 100 percent of losses from OWN, which exceeded the equity that Discovery had contributed to the network. New Discovery CFO Andrew Warren said on Tuesday’s conference call that the result was a $10 million hit to earnings, or 3 cents per share. The company started including the OWN losses earlier than previously expected.

With 80 million subscribers and growing, OWN also will see “most” pay TV operators beginning to pay affiliate fees for the channel in 2013, Mr. Zaslav said. “We remain confident in the growth potential” of OWN, he said.

Overall, Mr. Zaslav said, “We have a long way to go.” But he noted he feels better now than he has ever felt about OWN. The channel has the opportunity for “significant” appreciation over time, he said.

Using Beatles song cost ‘Mad Men’ $250K

AMC’s “Mad Men” has a hard-earned reputation for historical accuracy, and it turns out that production studio Lionsgate is more than willing to finance that. In Sunday’s episode, titled “Lady Lazarus,” star ad man Don Draper takes to his chair to listen to the Beatles’ “Tomorrow Never Knows” from their album “Revolver,” a rare case in which a television show has used a master recording of the Beatles within an episode.

Why so rare? It reportedly cost $250,000 to license the track.

The fee was split between Sony/ATV, which owns the publishing rights to the track, and EMI, which owns the master copy. The majority of the time that a Beatles track is incorporated into an ad campaign, it’s as a cover by another band, as the publishing rights are much cheaper to acquire than EMI’s master recording rights. The $250,000 figure was approximately five times more expensive than the normal music license.

The reason the show shelled out the high fee was apparently due to the diligence of show creator Matthew Weiner, who pushed for the track for more than a year. Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono, and Olivia Harrison all signed off on the license, apparently because the surviving Beatles are huge fans of the show, according to the Canadian Press.

‘Lost’s‘ Matthew Fox charged with drunken driving

Actor Matthew Fox, star of the television series “Lost,” has been charged with drunken driving in Oregon.

Police in Bend said the 45-year-old, who lives in the city, was stopped early Friday after an officer noticed a motorist failing to signal properly or stay within a lane of traffic.

During the stop, the officer decided Mr. Fox was driving under the influence and took him to the Deschutes County Jail.

Mr. Fox was released Friday after he was booked into custody. He has a court appearance scheduled for June 17. The authorities would not release the police report or any additional information.

Mr. Fox’s lawyer did not return a call seeking comment.

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