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“This was a great week for gay potheads who love Obama. Or as I call it, Hollywood.”

- HBO host Bill Maher, reflecting on the aftermath of the 2012 presidential election


On Monday morning, two wounded Marines get heartfelt, practical recognition: home sweet homes of the high-tech variety to increase their independence. Sgt. John Peck receives the keys to a new super-customized home in Fredericksburg, Va.; Cpl. Tyler Huffman gets a similar domicile in Jefferson City, Mo. Both men were grievously wounded in Afghanistan; Sgt. Peck is a quadruple amputee, Cpl. Huffman is a paraplegic.

The New York-based Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation — named for a Staten Island firefighter killed on 9/11 — partnered with the Gary Sinise Foundation to fund and organize the “Building for America’s Bravest” program, which already presented similar homes to stricken heroes in three states, with another nine homes in development around the nation,

“The fact that we are helping John and Tyler reclaim fuller, active lives by providing them with homes designed to meet their special needs means everything to us,” says Frank Siller, chairman of the aforementioned foundation. The homes will be turned over to the soldiers with ribbon-cutting ceremonies.

“John and Tyler have given so much for their country, it is a privilege for my foundation to have played a role in providing these men with homes befitting their sacrifice. The outpouring of love and support shown these men by so many has been inspiring,” Mr. Sinise said.


“This was more than just a campaign, this was a national movement. Thank you for the work that you did — going across neighborhoods to knock on doors and put up yard signs. Thanks for making phone calls, coming to rallies, donating funds, and convincing friends and family to join our team. What’s really inspiring is that you came together because you care about America. We still believe that better days are ahead. It’s up to us to rally together to renew America’s promise and restore American greatness. Today’s a new day. Keep believing in America.”

- Mitt Romney’s final public message to his supporters, issued Saturday


• 74 percent of Americans are worried they will not have enough money to retire.

• 73 percent are concerned they can’t pay for future health care costs.

• 63 percent are putting money toward savings.

• 62 percent of that number have “rainy day funds” for unexpected costs, 53 percent are putting aside money for retirement.

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