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“I think that might have been part of why we looked a little sloppy,” junior forward Nate Lubick said. “You start thinking about Otto not being in the game too much and people start looking for their own offense a little too much. Even without Otto, we have to be willing to stick to our stuff.”

Relying on freshman guards burying 3-pointers is not what Thompson wants to do with his offense. He will take this second opener of sorts, and Wednesday’s game against Liberty, to fine tune the strategy — one that hopefully features Porter back on the floor.

“I thought that our execution of our game plan, at both ends of the court, was not good,” Thompson said. “And so they have to learn. We have to learn. … It’s a long year. We have a lot of room for improvement and I think we will improve relative to what we saw today. But we have to go do it. We have to give an honest, genuine effort in all the areas we know.”