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Griffin, who suffered a concussion Oct. 7 against the Atlanta Falcons, will get every opportunity to develop, especially with the Redskins almost officially out of the hunt.

Just don’t think he’s fine with showcasing his talents down the stretch.

“You don’t want to feel sorry for yourself ever. You don’t want to accept defeat. That’s something that I’ll never accept,” he said. “You try to continue to get better and just make sure you go out there with no excuses. It doesn’t matter what the temperature is, if the sun’s bright and it’s in your eyes … It doesn’t matter what it is, you don’t have any excuses. You go out there and you make plays happen.”

Griffin has done his fair share of that. Without some of his heroics, the Redskins could be in a worse spot than 3-6 going into Sunday’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

And while growth likely will come in fits and spurts as with any rookie quarterback, getting results is a step Griffin will want to take sooner rather than later.

“I just think wins and losses. That’s what you’re judged by,” ex-Redskins quarterback Mark Rypien said. “Sometimes rightly so and other times maybe unjustly so. But eventually that’s what you look at and that’s where you find out, ‘What can I do at that position to make us win and put us in position to win?’ He’s definitely one that’ll uncover every stone to find a way to get it done.”