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“It doesn’t affect us, we’re professionals,” Price said of the booing. “But it’s good to know that they care. They want us to play better. They believe in us, they’re here in the seats. So we need to take that upon our shoulders and perform better for them.”

In yet another odd moment for Verizon Center fans looking for any reason to cheer, Jazz forward Marvin Williams missed two free throws in the closing minutes of the game, which entitles ticket holders free sandwiches from Chick-Fil-A. The fans were screaming so loudly for the sandwiches, they failed to notice that the Wizards didn’t even grab the rebound after Williams’ missed foul shots.

As the game came to a conclusion, a lone fan sitting behind the press box stood up and shouted a statement that summed up the entire season so far.
“Ted,” he shouted, “We deserve better.”