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Either way, Mr. Murphy appears to be leading — by 1,907 votes in the count before this weekend, and by 2,146 votes in the latest count.

There were several problems with St. Lucie’s counting of early votes.

Computers were having problems on election night, and a box of ballots had been left in an office and not immediately tabulated.

Several days later Ms. Walker, the elections supervisor, agreed to do a recount, but rechecked ballots only from three of the eight days of early voting, arguing that those were the only ones where there was a problem.

The result of that partial recount was that Mr. West picked up about 500 votes — though that didn’t tally with the number of ballots election officials said were in question, which raised more concerns.

Late last week, after the court denied Mr. West’s petition for a full recount, elections officials found a box with several hundred uncounted ballots, according to local news reports. That was part of the impetus for their agreement to the full recount of early votes.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott, a Republican, will convene a statewide panel to certify election results Tuesday.

Mr. West does have 10 days after that to contest the results.