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Let’s relish Thanksgiving for what it’s meant to be: a day of giving thanks.

Pause a moment and pray, first, to thank the Lord for his blessings. But second, to renew our own commitment to honor him in all we do and to live in gratitude for the freedoms and love that sustain us. Take the pledge to continue the good fight in the days ahead, even as we count our blessings of today.

Focus on the good in life and cherish your time with loved ones. (Don’t miss moments that can never be recaptured — even the best sale or overtime wages aren’t worth it.) Sure it’s a day for food and football. But it’s also a time for relationships more than anything else.

So even as you gather around the big screen to watch the games, take time for others. Enjoy your “football fix” with a family flag football game or tossing a ball with a little one.

Make this Thanksgiving your best yet — spending time on priceless relationships beats Black Friday “deals” every time.

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