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“I was like, ‘Wow, this free-market stuff makes sense to me. I really like it,’” Mr. Dondero said. “Then I found out that the Libertarian Party was in favor of free-enterprise economics and wanted to legalize drugs. I said, ‘That’s me right there.’”

The series, Mr. Dondero recalled, was broadcast on public television.

“There’s some irony there,” he laughed. “If it wasn’t for PBS, I probably would not be a libertarian today.”

Bye-bye, Bon Jovi

On election night, Mr. Dondero was too nervous to watch television. Instead, he clicked back and forth between four different conservative websites, going from early-evening optimism to mid-evening despair as Florida and Virginia were not called for Mr. Romney.

When networks pronounced Mr. Obama’s victory shortly after 11 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Mr. Dondero wept.

“Man, I cried, and I don’t even remember the last time I cried,” he said. “I know liberals will sit there and giggle at me, but I bawled for an hour.”

Friends knew Mr. Dondero would take Mr. Romney’s loss hard. A number of them, including Libertarian Party national ballot-access coordinator Bill Redpath, called to make sure he was OK.

The morning after the election, Mr. Dondero sent out a mass email announcing his decision to no longer associate with Democrats. Richard Winger, a San Francisco-based ballot-access specialist and Libertarian Party consultant, was one of the recipients.

“I considered [his boycott] not really mature, but I didn’t feel like arguing with him,” Mr. Winger said. “It wouldn’t do any good. Eric is very passionate about everything he does. I was sort of hoping he was over that by now.”

Not quite.

“Last night I went to the store, got my Heineken and some coffee,” Mr. Dondero said. “When the nice girl at the checkout asked me how I was, I said, ‘Not well ever since Obama got elected.’

“Then I laid it on. ‘Oh, this store is going to start laying people off because of the Obama economy!’ I think she got scared.”

Mr. Dondero’s boycott extends to movies and television. Actress Eva Longoria? DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg? Both supporters of Mr. Obama. Both banned.

As for music, Mr. Dondero said he is a major rock ‘n’ roll fan but has “literally thrown out half” of his collection of compact discs — including albums from Jon Bon Jovi, who campaigned for Mr. Obama.

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