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“I didn’t talk to y’all about that,” Hall said. “I don’t know where that quote came from. I never had a one-on-one meeting with nobody. I don’t know who asked that question or who reported — I think Mike [Jones] reported on it. I ain’t never had no one-on-one meeting with nobody over the bye week. We had a team meeting Tuesday. I left Tuesday to go out of town.”

When the reporter followed up by noting Haslett said there were meetings with different players, Hall said: “It wasn’t with me, so I don’t know anything about that. Mike, like I said, wrote an article about some quotes that he said about a one-on-one meeting when he didn’t ask me a question about a one-on-one meeting. He kind of threw that in there in his article, but he didn’t ask me about a one-on-one meeting.”

Jones was not present for Hall’s postgame comments Sunday, but he later learned of them.

He approached Hall on Tuesday with audio of Hall’s group interview in an attempt to prove he did not fabricate any quotes.

The incident escalated from there. It occurred in the hallway outside the Redskins Park locker room, and about a dozen reporters witnessed at least a portion of it.

Hall’s history of confrontations while with the Redskins dates further than his outburst against Pittsburgh last month.

In October 2010, he and Haslett engaged in a “contentious exchange” about pass coverage instructions, according to a Washington Post report that cited three sources familiar with the situation. Haslett, Hall and coach Mike Shanahan denied the report.

“Trouble just follows me, man,” Hall said on the radio Tuesday. “It is what it is. I always take the blame. It’s not a problem. I’ve got thick skin.”

NOTE: London Fletcher did not practice Tuesday and his active NFL record streak of 234 games played is in doubt with the Redskins playing at the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day.

Fletcher sprained his left ankle in the win over the Philadelphia Eagles and returned to the game, but the soreness and swelling has worsened.

He will be a game-time decision.

“[The short week] doesn’t help,” Fletcher said. “Got a lot of treatment today, tomorrow. Even Thursday before the game and see how I feel pregame, if I can go or not. That’s pretty much how it’ll go.”

Cornerback Josh Wilson (shoulder) was limited in practice and declined to speak with reporters other than to say, “I’ve got to get better.”