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“When I saw what it was then, it was unbelievable,” Dello-Russo said. “But like he says, it’s our stage. It’s not quite our stadium. He’s made it the best stage he could possibly make it, but to really get it to what he wants and what we want, a stadium would be great.”

Cirovski proudly shows off renderings in his office of what could be (“It must happen, and it will happen,” he said) and muses about how other programs have gleaming new stadiums.

Securing one on his own, even if it means knocking on every door imaginable, is the final part of securing his dream — and his legacy at Maryland.

“I don’t think I’ll be coaching 20 more years,” Cirovski said. “You’re sort of on the other side of the mountain now. Make no mistake: My plan is to win more national championships here, and the priority is always going to be commitment to my student-athletes and make sure this program is competing for national championships. There will be no drop-off in that. This is going to juice me up to push through this project.”