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But it’s not the same as the NHL.

“The fans, I think you’re taking away something that they enjoy; they entertain themselves. They’re the ones paying the bills. They’re the ones spending their money. And they can’t even do that,” Devils goaltender Martin Brodeur said. “I’m sure it gets pretty annoying for them when the league starts, ‘Well, seven years ago we do that and it’s going really well,’ and just by greed they want to do it again. It makes it hard on the fans more than anything.”

Fans chanting “We want hockey” made it hard on Flyers left wing Scott Hartnell, too.

“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t say I got choked up a little bit when you get 11,000 people cheering, ‘We want hockey back,’” Hartnell said. “We want to be playing, and it’s just unfortunate that we’re not right now.”

Halpern sympathizes with fans because they’re “the ones that get cheated the most because they don’t have a voice in any of this.”