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“As you know, you along with Chinatown leaders fought tooth and nail to allocate a space for the Asian Liaison Unit in Chinatown and particularly the Gallery Place complex,” she said. “The [unit]) has been a fixture in Chinatown now for over 10 years.”

Ms. Cheng also said she suspects the unit’s relocation “may be the first move in potentially dissolving the entire ALU in the future.” For his part, Mr. Evans said Wednesday that he is satisfied there will be no changes to how the unit operates.

Several public safety officials stressed they did not ask to leave the existing space in Gallery Place, nor were they kicked out. Korenna Cline, a spokeswoman for the management company that leases the space to police, echoed the department’s version of events in a statement Wednesday.

Ms. Cline said Gallery Place managers discussed moving the unit to police headquarters “because the police officers spend most of their time patrolling the area here in Chinatown.”

“I can assure you that moving forward,” she said, “the police will have access to a fully operational command center located within the Gallery Place building.”