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Although criminal indictments were prepared by the attorney general’s office around May 2011, the indictment was not issued until more than a year later, according to the report.

The indictment names more than 20 bank executives, bank employees, central bank workers and others said to have benefited from the fraud. The charges include money laundering, misuse of authority, using counterfeit documents and opening accounts under pseudonyms.

But the report says the indictment is tainted by political influence.

The report says the indictment did not name officials from accounting firms that created false documents for Kabul Bank, airline employees who smuggled money out of Afghanistan or some shareholders who received funds from loans at zero interest, “apparently with no intention of repayment.”

Basir Azizi, a spokesman for the attorney general’s office, said Tuesday that the Kabul Bank case was not treated as a political issue. “We strongly reject any comments that the attorney general’s office dealt with this case as a political issue,” he said.