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Jordan and the other Pop Warner players know I don’t play with school work and they all are very respectful of their teammates, the staff and other players,” Ms. Brown said.

Teams from 29 leagues in 17 states and the District will compete in the tournament. According to ESPN’s website, the first game for a D.C. team is Sunday, when the Watkins Hornets take on the Richmond Perrine Giants in the Division I Junior Pee Wee Quarterfinals.

Perhaps that can get fans pumped for Monday night, when the Washington Redskins take on those other Giants.

Support the teams if you can, and even if you can’t find it in your wallet to make a donation, send them well wishes.

To donate, call the Watkins Hornets at 202/270-1139; visit the Beacon Falcons at, or call the Marshall Heights Bison at 202/340-5273 or 202/449-2930. All three teams have 501(c) 3 status for tax-deductible contributions. Donors can reach Ms. Brown, whose AD responsibilities include oversight of about 200 players and coaches for all three teams, at 202/256-3241.

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