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A nice gesture, but that’s only the tip of this dollar-shaped iceberg.

The NCAA, which senses that you might be getting a little upset with the current arrangement, is considering whether to allow $2,000 stipends for athletes.

Don’t be fooled. They’re just trying to buy you off.

“It’s notable that while coaches have access to representatives who negotiate those multiyear contracts, the athletes are expressly denied that same kind of representation,” Staurowsky said. “It speaks to just how big of a conflict there is.”

So, let’s try this.

Hit up Twitter. And Facebook. And any of those other Web sites you kids hang out on.

Start talking about this issue.

Who knows? If social media can help overturn entire governments, maybe it can bring about real change in college athletics.

We’ve even got a hash tag for your cause: “treatusfair.”

If they won’t, tell them you’re walking.


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