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“I couldn’t be more happy for Roger because nobody has worked harder and made more effort at trying to do well across all forms of the sport,” Ganassi said. “He’s obviously been a big influence of mine over the years. He’s one of the people you would emulate or want to be like, and he has set the bar at a new level. I am happy, I am jealous, I have a lot of awe, a lot of respect and I’m looking forward to now chasing him in another category.”

Penske planes have been arriving daily all week as friends, family, employees and longtime associates have been arriving to celebrate. The last arrival was a chartered 747 that brought in almost 250 Penske employees who were treated to a trip to Las Vegas.

That’s the Penske way _ reward everyone because this championship belongs to the entire organization.

“I never realized the power and the impact of this sport, and I’ve been involved in the Super Bowl in Detroit in 2006 and all the noise that goes on with championships, but this is so special,” Penske said. “For me, thousands of people have sent me communication. But I walked into my office on Monday morning (after the race) and they had a big banner already they’d made up for the championship. You don’t think about walking into your own place and seeing that. That banner is going to hang in every one of our 1,500 locations around the U.S.

“It was a galvanizing night for us, bringing everyone together and it was a culmination of a lot of people’s hard work. My name happens to be on the building, but I’ll tell you, someone had to help build that building before we could get here.”