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As Mr. White’s claim surfaced last week, DYRS employees questioned whether authorities have reviewed credit card or cellphone records to determine where Mr. McInnis was the night he was shot and who may have been with him.

Dwight Bowman, national vice president of the American Federation of Government Employees, said the union is asking Mr. Gray and Mr. Graham for a thorough investigation of the incident, which he described as “disturbing.”

“We are proud of the staff for reporting this to the necessary authorities. It is common practice to place employees on administrative leave when youth, parents or co-workers make allegations of misconduct,” he said. “We stand by our members, and we will follow up to see where this stands.”

Mrs. McCombs is not optimistic that best practices are being followed. “Everything is backwards with DYRS in the four years my son has been involved with them,” she said. “They never do what they’re supposed to do.”