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They have enjoyed training together, she said, part of their efforts to be active as a family.

“We’re not the [parents] that sit on the sidelines and watch,” she said. “When they go ice skating or play baseball, we go ice skating or play baseball.”

Teaching children the value of physical health also is important to Robert Tuchman, a father of two in New York City. His family’s traditions include a trip to a fitness fair at the JCC in Manhattan on New Year’s Day. The event is sponsored by the JCC’s Marti M. Meyerson Center for Health and Wellness.

“Most gyms are closed on New Year’s Day,” said JCC spokeswoman Erica Werber. “We’re open. We want to be there for the community.”

Many families are grateful for opportunities to exercise together at the holidays, said Jerry Bocci, whose family has organized a New Year’s Eve run in Belle Isle Park in Detroit since 1970. Families come out in all kinds of weather to participate in the 5K or children’s run.

“The kids have a good time in the sometimes snow, sometimes sleet,” he said. “When you look out over the crowd, there are a lot of smiles.”