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No rational basis? Ensuring that our military personnel overseas have the tools and time to vote seems reasonable, rational and part of our moral obligation to them. Historically, they don’t often support his anti-military policies and have a history of voting against liberals.

The effect of this disenfranchisement is already being felt. Only 2 percent of active-duty military families have voted in the swing states of Virginia, North Carolina and Ohio thus far. Only 16 percent even made requests for ballots in Florida. The military vote could make or break the election — as it did in Florida in the 2000 presidential election.

This year, the president has given himself a big advantage and should be ashamed of choosing politics over our servicemen.

Mitt Romney needs to tell Mr. Obama to stop disenfranchising our military. All Americans should hold the president accountable for this crime. Instead of defending voter fraud and allowing voters without identification to cast their ballot, Mr. Obama should be fighting for those who fight for us every day.

Ned Ryun is CEO of American Majority Action and sponsor of the national Liberty Headquarters program.