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“I’d like to get new blood in there,” Mr. McIntire said, though he added that he knew Mr. Allen had already served as a senator before.

Jim Webb isn’t entirely offensive,” the Arlington resident said, but he noted he was skeptical that a former chairman of the Democratic National Committee could be bipartisan.

Meanwhile, Gayle Griisser, 51, waited a full two hours to cast her vote at the Walter Reed Recreation Center.

Ms. Griisser said she voted for Mr. Obama, Mr. Kaine and incumbent Democratic Rep. James P. Moran.

“‘I’m not sure anyone would have done any better,” Ms. Griisser said in reference to the party’s performance in the past four years.

Paul Brockway, 55, said the two presidential campaigns “made it easy” to vote one way or the other.

The Alexandria business owner said he voted for Mr. Obama because “Romney didn’t give any answers.”

“Obama actually did pretty good despite the fact he didn’t have any help from Republicans,” Mr. Brockway said, adding that for state and local elections, it was important to vote along party lines.
“It’s the party that’s going to get things done,” he said.

• Staff writer Meredith Somers contributed to this report.