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And nearly half of voters said they favor scaling back Obamacare, the president’s signature big-government program. In an NBC News exit poll, 49 percent of voters said Congress should repeal some or all of the law, while 44 percent said lawmakers should expand the health-care act or leave it as is.

The president also spoke on election night of his desire to increase spending on education and research and technology, themes that he has promoted throughout his campaign for re-election. Mr. Bennett said the outcome of many of the president’s spending goals will depend on whether he can reach a deal with lawmakers on averting the so-called “fiscal cliff” of pending tax increases and spending cuts.

“It will be shaped very dramatically by what happens over the next couple of months,” Mr. Bennett said. “He’s going to lobby for more spending in areas that he regards as crucial investments in American economic growth. He’s been crystal clear about that, and he’s going to try.”