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Guillen wants Greenberg to go up there swinging to make sure the at-bat is official.

“If the kid is going to get a walk, please swing the bat 3-0, I will let you swing the bat. Make sure you don’t walk. If he gets a hit by a pitch he’s got to pray to somebody else because two big league at-bats getting hit by a pitch, that’s very bad luck. He better change religions because if you get hit by pitches in two at-bats, oh my gosh, you better go to church every two days.”

Although the Marlins are committed to inserting Greenberg into the lineup Tuesday, Guillen plans to keep the integrity of the game in mind.

“I’m not going to pinch-hit him for the pitcher just because,” Guillen said. “If I need a base hit to take the lead or something, he will be out and then I will figure out another inning. I’m going to manage my team to win the game. I’ll figure out how to play him. … We shouldn’t have any problems.”

And if Greenberg’s at-bat is a success?

“I think if the kid gets a hit in the first at-bat, he might get another one,” Guillen said.