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“If you guys had all the answers, then you would be offensive coordinators,” linebacker Bart Scott said on a conference call. “Football guys, players and coaches kind of know the pulse of the team and what needs to be done. It’s early in the season. You can’t try and change everything around in Week 5.”

On the surface, it’s hardly a time to panic for the Jets, who are 2-2 and sitting in first place in the AFC East with two wins in the division.

In reality, this is a team in deep trouble with the Houston Texans, arguably the best team in the AFC, coming to town next Monday night. Then come games against Indianapolis, New England and Miami. The Jets are already without star cornerback Darrelle Revis, out with a knee injury, and are waiting to learn the status of receiver Santonio Holmes after he hurt his left foot Sunday.

If the Jets don’t get better in a hurry, this season could begin spiraling out of control.

“We have to come up with some solutions,” Ryan said, “because if we just keep repeating the same things or whatever, how can we expect the results to change?”

That’s why Ryan is huddling with his coaches Monday and Tuesday, giving the players the two days off to do some soul searching. The coaching staff is going over what they’ve been doing for the first four games and trying to figure out what’s gone so wrong.

“We have talent,” Ryan insisted. “There’s no doubt we have talent here. Are we getting the most out of our talent? I think that’s what we have to do. That’s a challenge to myself and the coaches.”

As much as Ryan likes to spin things positive for his guys, he knows the season might already be on the brink _ just five weeks in.

“I’m confident we’ll come back,” Ryan said. “I’m confident we’ll respond and play much better.”

The defense is just as at fault as the offense. Sure, it kept the Jets in it early before the 49ers ran all over the field, rolling up 245 yards on the ground. New York is ranked 31st in the NFL against the run, a stunning spot for a Ryan-led defense.

Even the special teams unit has had some mishaps, with a blocked punt Sunday the capper to an all-around horrid performance by New York.

“It’s (the media’s) job to push the panic button,” Scott said.

But after that display on the field at MetLife Stadium on Sunday, it’s difficult to spin it any other way.

Unless, of course, you can somehow see the silver lining.

“It could be one of the best things to happen to us all season,” Tebow said. “When you have defeats like this where you get beat up and you get beaten in every phase, it really is something you can rally behind and motivate you.”

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