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“Hopefully, he can help us this next week. Like all injuries, guys got to step up and play at a high level,” Shanahan said. “We expect him to play at the level that he’s played at in the past. Now guys get more of an opportunity to show us what they can do.”

Especially Cooley, who faced the real possibility of his career being at its end before Davis‘ injury. But that perspective won’t have him getting watery-eyed each game for the rest of the season.

“I know I can keep playing. It’s just I didn’t want to play in a situation where I was in a diminished role from what I knew I could be,” Cooley said. “It was hard for me and I would’ve done it for the team that I loved. But I think if I get an opportunity to show everyone what I can do and show them I’m healthy, because I haven’t over the last two years, I think it’ll give me an opportunity to prolong my career.”