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On Wednesday morning with Savannah Guthrie on NBC’s “Today,” the couple opened up about Snooki’s maternal instincts, raising a child amid reality stardom and coordinating powerful costumes for their baby’s first Halloween.

“It’s so emotional — every time I see it, I wanna cry,” Miss Polizzi said after watching a clip of Lorenzo. The newborn will be 2 months old Friday.

The adjustment from Seaside party personality to new mom has been stark for Miss Polizzi, but nevertheless natural. “It’s crazy because, you know me, I just always want to have a good time — where’s the next party, what am I gonna do tonight,” she told Ms. Guthrie. “And now, it’s just like, I love my baby, what can we do with him? It’s just totally different.”

“She loves it, she’s a great mom,” Mr. LaValle added. “It’s just time-consuming, it’s 24 hours. It’s a lot of fun though.”

Don’t expect Lorenzo to pop up with his own reality show anytime soon, according to Mr. LaValle, who said he hopes to keep his son away from fame.

“Right now, it’s fine while he’s this young,” the new father said of television appearances. “But once school starts and I think he gets a little older, I want him to branch off from that. Nicole could do what she has to do, but maybe him growing up, I kinda just want him to live a normal lifestyle.”

“We want him to have a normal life where he goes to school, he has friends, girlfriends,” Miss Polizzi added. “I want him to have those learning experiences that we had growing up.”

As the best perk of motherhood, Miss Polizzi cited “looking at your son every day, knowing that’s your child, you made him” and noted that they’ve already mapped out their Halloween costumes: Mom and Dad will be Wonder Woman and Captain America, while Lorenzo will be dressing up as Superman.

CNN to air critical Armstrong documentary

Exposed in a systemic doping scheme, stripped of his Tour de France titles, dropped by sponsors and banned for life from cycling, Lance Armstrong has gone from hero to pariah. And while the more ambitious Hollywood projects on Mr. Armstrong’s life have been scuttled by recent events, increased interest is being shown in the stories of whistleblowers and former teammates.

On Sunday, CBS News’ “60 Minutes” updated its 2011 piece — vehemently disputed by Mr. Armstrong at the time — that centered on an interview with Armstrong teammate Tyler Hamilton, who said he saw Mr. Armstrong inject EPO, a performance-enhancing drug.

Now CNN has acquired the highly critical Australian documentary “The World According to Lance Armstrong,” which it will broadcast Saturday at 9 p.m. and midnight and again at 3 a.m. Sunday.

Reported by journalist Quentin McDermott for Australian TV’s “Four Corners” news program, the documentary includes assertions from former friends Betsy and Frankie Andreu that Mr. Armstrong admitted during treatment for cancer that he used a long list of banned substances.

The documentary also includes interviews with Mr. Hamilton and longtime Armstrong critic Greg Lemond — another Tour winner whose title was stripped — who plays for Mr. McDermott what he says is a secretly taped phone call between him and a marketing executive that suggests even some sponsors may have felt pressured to cover up for Mr. Armstrong’s doping to protect their corporate images.

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