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In the next 72 hours, Mitt Romney will be in Ohio, Florida and Virginia; Rep. Paul Ryan will be in Ohio on a bus tour of eight towns. President Obama will be in New Hampshire, then Ohio, joined by former President Bill Clinton for a rally in Youngstown. Vice President Joseph R. Biden will be in South Dakota, Wisconsin and Virginia.


• 41 percent of Americans get their 2012 campaign news from cable TV, 38 percent from local TV news, 36 percent from the Internet and 31 percent from network news.

• 23 percent get their campaign news from local newspapers, 18 percent from cable TV talk shows, 16 percent from talk radio, 13 percent from national newspapers and 12 percent from late night comedy shows.

• 12 percent get their campaign news from National Public Radio, 12 percent from Facebook, 7 percent from YouTube and 4 percent from Twitter.

• 35 percent of Tweets sent after the presidential debates favored President Obama, 22 percent favored Mitt Romney; 17 percent joked about the candidates and 9 percent shared “information.”

• 40 percent of Facebook posts after the debates favored Mr. Obama, 36 percent favored Mr. Romney; less than 1 percent joked, 8 percent shared information.

Source: A Pew Research Center for the People & the Press survey of 1,005 U.S. adults conducted Oct. 18 to 21 and postdebate analysis of 5.8 million Tweets and 262,000 Facebook posts.

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