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He left the school district in July after finishing the 11th grade and later earned a GED. School officials don’t know why he left.

Arapahoe Community College officials confirmed Austin is enrolled there but wouldn’t release other details.

As technicians in white coveralls searched Austin’s home, former high school classmates painted a picture of him as an intelligent teen who often wore black and complained about school but who would stay late sometimes to work on computers.

Austin was interested in mortuary science and was taking forensics classes, said Rachel Bradley, 17, who attended Standley Lake with him. Arapahoe Community College offers the state’s only accredited mortuary science program.

“It’s just so weird to grasp the concept of how, like, I knew him and how he lives so close to us,” she said Wednesday.

“I never saw it coming,” she said of the allegations against Austin.

Yearbooks showed that Austin was a member of the choir in his freshman and sophomore years.

Former schoolmate Sarah Morevec said Austin had been bullied for having a high voice.

Dakota Foster graduated from Standley Lake in 2011, a year before Austin left. Mr. Foster on Wednesday said he and his friends sat at the opposite end of a cafeteria table from Austin and his friends.

“He was really nice and laughed a lot with us and told jokes, and laughed at our jokes,” Mr. Foster said.

Mr. Foster, 19, said he didn’t know Austin well, but “he used to hang out with a lot of us in what we called the goth corner (of the school cafeteria), where all the metal heads were.”

“He wore all black, so he fit it,” Mr. Foster said. He added he wasn’t surprised that Austin left high school after the 11th grade.

“I know he didn’t like his classes very much,” Mr. Foster said. “He always complained about school.”

Neighbor Brooke Olds, 13, said Wednesday she usually saw Austin alone on a skateboard or scooter.

“He was shy and kept to himself,” she said.

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