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Many drops occurred on imperfect passes that forced the receiver to reach behind him, jump or slide, but the unanimous sentiment inside the Redskins‘ locker room was that Griffin’s ball placement was not to blame.

“I don’t care where the placement is,” Shanahan said. “As long as it hits your hands, you’d better catch it or else you won’t be in the National Football League for very long.”

Griffin vowed to be critical of his accuracy when he reviews the game. He finished 16 of 34 for 177 yards and a touchdown, good for a passer rating of 72.8.

“I’m going to have to look at it on the film and say, ‘Hey, I could have gave him a better ball here, a better ball there,’” he said. “But like I told them: We’re all working in this thing together. It’s not one guy’s fault ever. We just have to make sure we go out and execute better.”

Execute better — the Redskins keep saying that. Halfway through a season that is starting to slip through their fingers, it has yet to catch on.