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“Would I like Nene to be there [opening night], going full speed? Yeah.” Wittman said.

“But we’ve got to be smart, too. The way that he’s been responding since he’s been back has been great, in terms of his treatment and how he feels. I don’t foresee this being a long thing.”

Wizards fans, and the rest of the team, are hoping Wittman’s crystal ball is accurate. For a player who’s spent more time on the bench than in uniform, Nene manages to be a powerful influence on his teammates. But for the Wizards to have a shot at that elusive playoff spot, they’ll need him on the floor.

Once he is, Nene says he can finally do what he believes he came here to do.

“I’m an experienced guy,” Nene said. I’ve been through a lot of things on the court, off the court. I know if I come back 100 percent healthy, something good is gong to happen here.”