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“My movement to the chair of government will be accompanied by feelings not unlike those of a culprit who is going to his place of execution.”

George Washington, in a remark made as he left Mount Vernon to assume the presidency on Feb. 4, 1789.


As the days dwindle down to a precious few before the nation shows up at the polls, a few numbers of note have emerged from a significant Gallup tracking poll of 9,424 likely voters conducted Oct. 1-24. There’s an emerging edge for Mitt Romney here: 49 percent of likely voters are Republican or lean that way, 46 percent are Democrat, or lean that way. Four years ago, the numbers were 42 percent and 54 percent, respectively.

In the hair-splitting division, 36 percent are solid Republican, 35 percent Democrat and 29 percent independent. Four years ago, those numbers were 29 percent Republican, 39 percent Democrat and 31 percent independent.


Should President Obama lose the election, there’s a possibility that first lady Michelle Obama could emerge as a talk show host. She’s at home there; it is a comfortable milieu, and no wonder. Mrs. Obama has made multiple appearances on ABC’s “The View,” CBS “Late Night with David Letterman and the syndicated “Ellen DeGeneres.” She been on camera with celebrity chefs, muppets, Oprah Winfrey.

“If she were not going to be in the White House, I’d love to have her as the host of a show. She’s amazing,” says Hilary Estey McLoughlin — president of Telepictures Productions and the syndication company behind Ms. DeGeneres daytime chatfest — in a conversation with TV Guide.

“I don’t think she would do it. When you’re in a position such as first lady, you’ve reached the pinnacle. When you really can make a difference in the world, you’re not going to want to be tied to a syndication schedule,” counters a TV agent who has done business with many Washington figures.

“Of course, there is still a chance she may spend four more years in her current job. Check back with us on Nov. 7,” TV Guide advises.


• 88 percent of U.S. voters supporting Mitt Romney definitely plan to vote on Tuesday; 83 percent of voters supporting President Obama plan to do so.

• 82 percent of Romney voters have given ” a lot of thought” to the election; 78 percent the Obama voters have done so.

• 66 percent of Romney voters are following campaign news very closely; 60 percent of Obama voters do so.

• 47 percent of all likely U.S. voters support President Obama; 6 percent of Republicans, 94 percent of Democrats, 40 percent of independents, 23 percent of conservatives and 89 percent of liberals agree.

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