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It’s perhaps validation for the Orioles fans, in Washington and elsewhere, who never stopped paying attention.

“I don’t know if validate is the right word, but it’s certainly very rewarding to see them succeed now and know that I’ve gone to so many games,” Mr. Domen said. “A little while ago, I just stopped trying to rationalize it and wait for the other foot to drop and I just started to have fun with it, and it’s been a blast.”

It could get more fun as October rolls along. And if somehow the Orioles and Nationals meet for a Beltway World Series, there will be a buzz in Washington that is hard to quantify.

And it will make for some hard decisions.

“If it came down to the World Series, it would be really tough for me. I don’t know where I’d go,” Mr. Fernandez said. “That would be just incredible. It would be so awesome for baseball.”