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For the Nationals who haven’t been there before, be they the 19-year-old Harper or the long-suffering Ryan Zimmerman, finally will get their chance to go Sunday. DeRosa, a .358 hitter in 22 career postseason games, will not be among the group on the field. But he’ll be making the rounds in the clubhouse and the dugout, and he expects his teammates to learn a little something this week.

“The thing I’ll tell these guys is, you’re really going to find out who you are,” DeRosa said. “I always felt that. You really find out, can you handle the big stage or does it have a tendency to get too bright for you? That’s the thing I’ll try and harp on.

“There’s going to be moments where this crowd is going absolutely crazy and intense and you have to find a way to want that next ball hit to you or want to be the next guy coming to the plate. I think we’ve got guys on our team just like that, so I look forward to watching these guys play.”