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Not only will the Bulls be missing their star for much of the season, the so-called “Bench Mob” is basically no more. Kyle Korver, Omer Asik, C.J. Watson and Ronnie Brewer are gone. In their place are veterans Kirk Hinrich, Nate Robinson and Nazr Mohammed, and there was Rose insisting the Bulls shouldn’t be written off.

“That’s my only goal is to win a championship,” Rose said. “Hopefully, it’s soon. I’m going to put my heart into it, whatever I do on and off the court. With the team that we have now, we have a good chance. We have a good shot with the players that we have coming in. With the players that we lost, I’m definitely going to miss them. But it’s a business first and you’re not going to have the same people every year. The players that we have and the coaches that we have, we’re just going to have to make do and go out and try to win a championship.”

Rose touched on some other subjects during the session, including the upcoming birth of his and his girlfriend’s son along with the teachers strike in Chicago. Seeing kids out in the middle of the day when they should be in school isn’t sitting well with him.

He’s been vocal about it on Twitter, and he reiterated that on Thursday, expressing sympathy for the children and the parents in response.

“It hurts you,” he said. “I’m going to have a kid, so this is one of the reasons why I’m thinking about it. I hope they change it soon. I’m praying for them.”