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Guard Kory Lichtensteiger missed the preseason after having arthroscopic surgery to remove particles from his right knee. But there was no doubt last week that he would play without restriction for the Redskins at New Orleans.

Afterward, he wasn’t feeling 100 percent but was glad to get a full game in.

“After the game I felt like I got by a piano,” Lichtensteiger said. “I never at one point during the game felt like I need to come out or felt like anything was too stressing on the knee. So I was pleased with the way I came out with it.”

Lichtensteiger rated his performance as “OK.”

“I felt like, probably like the rest of the team, I could’ve been better,” he said. “But we got the win I don’t think there was ever a plan of that. If that would’ve happened, it would’ve been news to me and it wouldn’t have been good news. I felt good enough to play,” he said. “It wouldn’t have been ideal.”