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Brown welcomes the deep rotation.

“Being a running back, you’re always going to need a break and with those four talented guys, that’s the break you can possibly have because there’s no drop-off in talent,” Brown said. “If I’m in or B-Ross is in or Pickett or Albert, the same talent is being produced on the field.”

Diggs impresses Edsall

Edsall has not shown a penchant for effusively lavishing much praise on players, particularly inexperienced ones, during his year-plus at Maryland.

Wide receiver Stefon Diggs, though, earned a strong compliment from the coach after hauling in his first touchdown reception off a tipped pass Saturday.

“How many guys are going to realize it’s one-on-one coverage, the ball’s not thrown to me, it’s thrown to a guy next to me, and all I’m going to do is play to the whistle and I’m going to run to the ball because the ball might be tipped and then I catch it?” Edsall said. “A lot of guys wouldn’t have that instinct [who] have been playing for a long time. That’s something I don’t know if you might see in the NFL.”