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The front porch looked well used, with patio chairs and a table out front, along with a fire pit. A scooter, snowboard and sled were also leaning against the house.

Tuesday afternoon, neighborhood parents hurried home with their children as they were dropped off by the school bus. Some mothers appeared emotional while a few students looked curious and confused.

Sherry Webster was watching the investigation while she waited for her son to come home from school. She said he was a classmate of one of the sons when the boys were younger and she didn’t know how her son would take the news.

Ms. Webster said the husband was “burly” and his wife was “small, cute. She was full of energy, talkative, lively.”

Ronnie Johnson, who knew the family through a soccer league, said the people were great and the father “was genuinely a nice person.”

He remembered the two sons as “very active. They played all different sports.”

“This is just ridiculous,” he added. “So sad.”

Ed Swanson, who lives about five houses down, said the father was a “good neighbor, a good guy” and that it was a “good family.”

“It’s a shock,” he said, and there was “no sign of any issues, no signs you can see.”

He said the children in the neighborhood all played together.

“We’re a pretty good neighborhood. We’ll come together,” he said. “How do you react to something like this? It’s terrible.”

Wanda Brown, who’s lived in the neighborhood for about 12 years, said the family was well known for its inflatable Christmas decorations, and the yard was always filled with bikes and sporting equipment.

“I’m shocked,” she said. “You just go, ‘What?’ “