- - Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Finally, the army of pundits are aghast at President Obama.

They are shocked at his unmannerly dismissal of the global stage where he belongs. They are astonished by his callous indifference to the world peace he promised us.

All in the name of craven politics with a little couch time on daytime TV.

Scandalous! Inexplicable! Terrible judgment!

The idea that Mr. Obama would sit with the ladies of “The View” while Libya burns, Iran perfects a nuclear weapon and Syria spins out of control shocked them out of their senses.

They’re horrified that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — whose country’s very existence rests in his hands at this moment — would travel 5,737 miles to the last lighthouse of freedom in the world, and President Obama won’t even cross the street to meet him.

Where have these pundits been? How is this a surprise?

Of course Mr. Obama has no time for American leadership in the world. Of course he has no time for anything other than winning re-election so that he can exercise all the “flexibility” he wants once he will no longer be answerable to voters.

And that is why in this world of peace and American popularity he promised us, Mr. Obama decided to stiff the United Nations, Bibi Netanyahu and all those headaches and head for the comfy sofa on “The View.”

And why, you ask, would this insufferable televised jabberfest be important to the former leader of the free world’s re-election chances?

That is because, in this post-racial and post-partisan world he promised us, Mr. Obama and his campaign have divvied all you annoying voters up into categories based on your race, sex and partisan leanings.

Mr. Obama has determined that he needs to appeal the most to female voters who are white, middle-class or lower and generally pretty moderate. If you go to church regularly, for instance, he’s not too keen on you.

So he goes and plops down on the couch with the ladies of “The View” and says things like: “I told folks I’m supposed to be the eye candy here for you guys.”

I would never claim to know how women think, but I do know how men think women think. And this man thought it would be really appealing to women everywhere if he made a joke about just being an object to be looked at. That’s because “enlightened” men worry that women feel objectified.

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