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This could turn out to be the right one if Grant is ready to contribute right away.

One major advantage Grant and Morris have is that they’re healthy. Helu is out of the picture, and Royster will have to play catch-up while being hampered.

“It definitely puts me at a disadvantage because I can’t take all the reps that they’re getting,” Royster said. “I’m going to go out there and do everything that I can, but obviously two days out I’m not going to be able to do everything quite yet. It definitely puts me back because they’re getting more reps, and the coaches are getting to see them play more than they’re getting to see me.”

And while Royster said Grant’s arrival doesn’t change the competition, it might be ramped up this week.

“It’s just another guy who’s coming in, competing for a job,” he said. “We’ve got to step our game up to keep our position and to keep making this team better.”

Grant might not be a huge factor right away, but should be able to fill in running the ball, catching it and in pass protection.

“He’s a pretty good-sized kid where he can block, he’s got speed,” Shanahan said. “When we looked at Ryan, we thought he could do a little bit of everything.”

Rich Campbell contributed to this report.