- - Thursday, September 6, 2012

“Play the game you’ve played your whole life.”

— BRYCE HARPER, Nationals outfielder

“The most important thing is to realize he’s a very, very important part of the Redskins — he is the face of the Redskins — but he has to understand that everything is not squarely on his shoulders. He’s got to rely on other teammates to work with him. He’s not going to be able to do it by himself. He’s smart enough to realize it’s a team game. He’s very talented and can make some things happen — but in the NFL you can’t take them all on by yourself.”

— DOUG WILLIAMS, former Redskins quarterback and Super Bowl XXII MVP

“No hesitation. Don’t second-guess yourself, your instincts. Go with your gut on your decisions on and off the field. Use your intuition.”

— DALE EARNHARDT JR., NASCAR driver and noted Redskins fan

“He have to be himself, that’s most important thing. It doesn’t matter what other people say or if he gonna make a bad play or good play, he just have to concentrate on his own.”

— ALEX OVECHKIN, Capitals captain

“There’s always going to be the hype about being the face of the franchise, but remember that it is about you and your teammates and what you can build and accomplish together.”

— JOHN WALL, Wizards point guard

“Enjoy the ride because it can turn in a heartbeat. You really have to be a grounded individual, which he is.”

— JOE THEISMANN, former Redskins quarterback

“Don’t add any more pressure to yourself than you already have. No one wants to succeed more. … No one wants to win more. I would just say, ‘Hey, relax, take a deep breath, learn as much as you can, go out there and don’t try to make the plays yourself.’”

— HEATH SHULER, former Redskins quarterback

“My dad was a chef and he said when you start trying to please everybody with your cooking, you lose the authenticity. Robert Griffin III knows what he’s about. If he sticks to what he is and sticks to what he does, he’s going to be successful.”

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