RG3’s breathtaking debut one for the record books

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Paulsen credited offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan for masterfully operating all the new pieces on offense. In a team meeting Saturday night, Kyle predicted how the Saints would adjust to what the Redskins would begin the game with, and then he extrapolated a series of adjustments that would evolve.

“That’s almost exactly how the game fell,” Paulsen said. “He’s on his stuff. I think that’s one of the great things about Kyle as an offensive coordinator: he has got great foresight in terms of play-calling.”

Of course, it helped for the engineer to have the proper tools. Garcon’s touchdown catch and run was a revelation. He caught the ball 16 yards beyond the line of scrimmage and outran a defensive back for the remaining 72 yards.

The Redskins last season scored only one touchdown in which a player caught the ball outside the end zone and ran it in. It took these new Redskins only two drives to equal that feat.

“That is the stuff that really got me geeked up,” Paulsen said.

Griffin basked in the success. The afterglow included high-fives for Redskins fans that congregated behind the visitor’s bench and chanted “R-G-3!”

“You can win a high school state championship or get there a couple times, win a bowl game in college, do all those things,” he said. “But to play in the NFL, the pinnacle of it all and win your first game … it’s definitely number one on my list.”

With those words, he stepped away from the podium, leaving others to wonder how quickly he and his teammates will replace it at the top.

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