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reduce 7,403 U.S. Coast Guard personnel –facing force levels below FY 2006.

reduce 7,240 Transportation Security Officers

reduction of 932 Immigration and Customs Enforcement  “a decrease of this magnitude would significantly impact efforts to investigate crimes involving counter-proliferation, terrorism, and transnational threats.”

FEMA will see a reduction of 536 core personnel

$116.6 million cut to the Federal Air Marshals program.

Federal employees, however, are expected to report for work on March 1, regardless of sequestration. The Office of Personnel Management issued new supplemental guidelines for administrative furloughs on Jan. 11.

Even “under sequestration, agencies would still have funds available after March 1, but the overall funding for the remainder of the fiscal year would be reduced” and employees should still report to work on March 1, the OPM guidelines state.