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So it with a heavy heart, exposed by my recently burst-open chest, that I can’t recommend Aliens: Colonial Marines. Even witnessing the grotesque beauty of the Xenomorph in its various forms is not enough to rescue this shooter.

Parental advice: Hey mom and dad, the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board), after watching a gantlet of Xenomorphs and soldiers mowed down and decapitated with a pulse rifle, decided to label this game “M” and that stands for mature — adults 17 years and older need only revisit the Alien legacy.

So don’t let your nostalgia for the old “R” rated films rule here as your 12–year-old tries to convince you that “hey, let’s shoot some of those cool Aliens, like the action figures you have on your desk, dad.” The game delivers often, non-stop bloody and gruesome moments with plenty of scenes where humans die in a vicious manner.