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There are some local Reagan revels as well. Americans for Prosperity chapters in Reagan’s home state of Illinois will host a trio of events to celebrate the “champion of free markets and economic freedom.” Meanwhile, North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory has proclaimed Wednesday “Ronald Reagan Day” across the Tar Heel State, while Ohio tea party members plan to meet at the Liberty Tavern in Powell to toast Reagan with orange blossoms. That’s “gin and orange juice, his favorite drink,” they explain.


• 38 percent of Americans say they are conservatives, 36 percent say they are moderates, 23 percent say they are liberals.

• 51 percent of Alabama residents are conservative, making it the nation’s “top conservative state.”

• 48.6 percent of North Dakota residents are conservative; tied with Wyoming and followed by Mississippi (48.2 percent) and Utah (48 percent).

• 42.7 percent of Alaska residents are moderate, making it the top moderate state, followed by Rhode Island (41.5 percent), Ohio (39.5 percent), Maryland (38.3 percent) and Massachusetts (38.1 percent).

• 41 percent of District of Columbia residents are liberals.

• 31 percent of Massachusetts resident are liberals, making it the top liberal state, followed by Oregon (29.3 percent), Vermont (29.3 percent) and Delaware (28.4 percent).

Source: A Gallup Tracking Poll of 211,972 U.S. adults conducted Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2012, and released Friday.

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