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“Miss New York, the New Miss America, espouses liberal conventional wisdom on guns,” observes Brent Baker, an analyst with the Media Research Center.

She also “matched the attitude toward guns espoused by her very liberal governor, Andrew Cuomo,” Mr. Baker adds, musing, “as if law enforcement officers carrying guns fuels violence.”

Las Vegas Sun gossip writer John Katsilometes says the question won the crown.

“The question: What separated Miss New York Mallory Hagan from the field to win Saturday’s Miss America pageant?” he asks. “The Answer: The answer.” Which was, he says, “crisp and opinionated.”


“President Obama was ‘totally furious’ he spent a week of his time posing for a trillion-dollar platinum coin that would never be minted, a White House source confirmed today,” says New Yorker comedic columnist Andy Borowitz in a parody news report.

“Mr. Obama devoted much of last week to posing for the trillion-dollar coin on the assurances of outgoing Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, who told Mr. Obama that the coin had ‘a way better than 50 percent chance’ of being minted,” Mr. Borowitz continues.

He later concludes, “The coin fiasco behind him, Mr. Obama has now apparently learned his lesson, the source said: ‘If this coin idea ever comes up again, he’s going to make Biden pose for it.’”


• 50 percent of Americans say they “sympathize more” with Israel than with the Palestinians.

• 70 percent of Republicans, 75 percent of conservative Republicans, 41 percent of Democrats and 33 percent of liberal Democrats agree.

• 10 percent of Americans overall sympathize with the Palestinians.

• 2 percent of Republicans, 2 percent of conservative Republicans, 13 percent of Democrats and 22 percent of liberal Democrats agree.

• 41 percent of Americans overall say U.S. support for Israel is “about right.”

• 34 percent of Republicans, 29 percent of conservative Republicans, 55 percent of Democrats and 59 percent of liberal Democrats agree.

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