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Across the street from the ANSWER Coalition’s Freedom Plaza location, D.C. government attached its own protest message.

Mayor Vincent C. Gray on Wednesday revealed the glass-enclosed, carpeted pavilion with a banner outside proclaiming, “A more perfect union must include full Democracy in D.C.”

The room, constructed at a cost of $342,000, holds enough space for about 100, most of them guests and constituents invited by D.C. council members and executive members of the local government.

A spokesman for Mayor Vincent C. Gray’s office said the District hung a similar banner during Mr. Obama’s first inauguration, but it was lower to the ground and not easily seen.

“This is an opportunity we get every four years to say to America there is not full democracy in this city,” Mr. Gray said. “This is a unique opportunity to communicate to the world, to communicate to our policymakers, that this city deserves to be treated with full citizenship.”