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“In all zones, we can’t swing. And I think that comes from conditioning,” Oates said. “To stop and wait and go again takes way more energy than just continually moving. And I think that was part of the deal. And some of the holes get created because of that.”

The Caps had plenty of holes, exploited by Marty St. Louis (three points) and the Lightning all night. And while Oates said he did not fault goaltender Braden Holtby on any of the six goals he allowed, having that crooked number didn’t make anyone happy.

“The main thing is you cannot give teams five, six goals and expect to win. If you contain them to two, three goals, then your chance of winning increases,” Ribeiro said. “Just details of the game, play well defensively and with the skills we have I don’t think we’ll have a problem finding it.”