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“It just feels like you’re restricted,” he said. “Everything is stiffer. It’s like a stiff leg that you can’t fully bend. You’re flexion is limited. It keeps everything place, but it keeps everything in place, you know?”

Lichtensteiger straps his brace on even when he plays with his sons at home. In addition to physically stabilizing the ligament, there’s a mental benefit.

“There’s things I wouldn’t even attempt to do if I didn’t have my knee brace on, but I don’t think it would hurt me to do it without it. It has kind of become a big part of my psyche.”

Golston has known players who are so affected by a knee brace that they would rather sit out than play with one on.

He appreciates that Griffin has a different mindset

“He’s not that kind of guy,” Golston said. “He’s selfless. He’s like, ‘Hey, so what if I don’t look like my highlight tape at Baylor.’”

That doesn’t mean Griffin is OK with the limitations, though.

Considering the importance of Sunday’s game and each one after that if the Redskins continue winning, he’s sure to continue giving team doctors fits about getting rid of the brace.

“My leg, I can feel it healing,” Griffin said. “I might not wear the brace this week, but I’m sure [head athletic trainer] Larry Hess is shaking his head downstairs right now. We’ll see what happens. There is no ‘rest of this season’ right now. We’ve just got to focus on Seattle.”