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There is absolutely nothing in there that would raise any suspicion of juicing. Nothing.

The Miami New Times report quotes Gonzalez’s father Max, who used an interesting mix of cliches to defend his son:

“My son works very, very hard, and he’s as clean as apple pie,” the elder Gonzalez said in the report. “I went to Tony [Bosch, who ran the clinic] because I needed to lose weight. A friend recommended him, and he did great work for me. But that’s it. He never met my son. Never. And if I knew he was doing these things with steroids, do you think I’d be dumb enough to go there?”

You’d hope not.

Gonzalez, first through his representatives and later on his Twitter account, issued a very strong denial:

“I’ve never used performance-enhancing drugs of any kind, and I never will. I’ve never met or spoken with Tony Bosch or used any substances provided by him. Anything said to the contrary is a lie.”

We’re going to shove the cynic off to the side and assume Gonzalez is telling the truth and hope nothing surfaces that proves otherwise. Because if it turns out what Gonzalez has done was illegally aided, there won’t be anything left that can truly be believed.