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Nov. 13: RIM says the phones will be released “not too long” after the launch event.

Nov. 29: RIM’s stock rises after Goldman Sachs upgraded the company’s shares, saying there’s a “30 percent chance” that BlackBerry 10 smartphones will be a success.

Dec. 13: RIM says the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency will launch a pilot program with its smartphones using BlackBerry 10.

Wednesday: RIM kicks off new BlackBerry 10 with events in New York and elsewhere. It unveils the first two phones _ the Z10, with a touch-screen keyboard, and the Q10, with a physical keyboard as well. The Z10 will come out in the U.K. and Canada within the week, but not in the U.S. until March. The Q10 won’t be available in the U.S. until at least April. RIM also says it will change the company’s name to BlackBerry.